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A bulk of my experience comes from organic marketing for start-ups, personal passion projects, and small businesses. I particularly enjoy helping these entities define their identity and their values to effectively communicate what makes them stand out in their industry while maintaining the balance between genuine representation and still effectively targeting a customer's needs.

The Resiliency Plan


Brand Kit Generation:

Complete with personalized font application guide, branding color palette, voice & tone, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) key words, and hashtags.

Branded Marketing Digital Products:

Logo development, branded business cards, and signature blocks with taglines to leave lasting impressions with customers and partners. 

Branding Awareness Campaign:

Created digital marketing products to include flyers, event banners, social media headers, covers, social tiles, and icon templates that maximized the brand tagline to instill the company's value proposition and correlation for clients.

Business Launch Campaign:

Established a digital footprint through designing the company website further progressing brand growth. Produced the company's first branded, 50-page, coach guided workbook improving customer experience and relations with the brand. 

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The branding efforts combined with digital marketing solutions yielded a solid foundation for both their in-person and online presence, increased reach for promotion of their new business, extended advertisement opportunities of their business launch, and developed an already familiar relationship with their first-ever clients even before their first coaching event.  

By defining their brand, they also gained credibility through their reputation while building immediate authority and trust with their business outreach.

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